Leading Patient Advocacy Group Applauds Conviction of Illegal Drug Supply Operators

The Partnership for Safe Medicines released the following statement regarding the verdict of William Scully for operating an illegitimate drug supply company called Pharmalogical Inc., which conducts business as Medical Device King. The defendant sold more than $14 million worth of illegal products including misbranded cancer medicine, unapproved birth control devices, and other medical products to physicians, clinics, and pharmacies in the U.S. In turn the products were administered to unsuspecting patients. PSM board member Jim Dahl testified in the trial.

“PSM applauds the verdict finding William Scully guilty of 66 crimes for his role in operating an illegal medical supply company. Illicit suppliers and distributors of misbranded prescription medicines and medical devices jeopardize the health and safety of American citizens,” said PSM President Dr. Marv Shepherd. “Medical Device King distributed drugs that were unapproved and unregulated by the FDA, without regard for the laws and regulations meant to ensure the health and safety of the American public. As we have seen in many other instances, consumers who purchase medicines from unlicensed operators, in the U.S. or abroad, are putting themselves at great risk.”

“Unlicensed distributors like Medical Device King, domestic or foreign, prey on the greed of unscrupulous persons in the supply chain and vulnerabilities in the system and put the public health at great risk. Medical Device King and thousands of other illicit online distributors commit their crimes without regard for patient safety, and have made billions of dollars. If we allow companies such as these to exist, we take a gamble on the security of the U.S. drug supply system and ultimately, the health of our nation. We must remain steadfast in shutting down these operations and bringing these criminals to justice.”

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About the Partnership for Safe Medicines: Comprised of more than 70 non-profit organizations, the Partnership for Safe Medicines is a public health group committed to the safety of prescription medicines and protecting consumers against counterfeit, substandard or otherwise unsafe medicines. PSM can be found on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/SafeMedicines), Twitter (@safemedicines), and the web at www.safemedicines.org.