New Details From North Carolina Fentanyl Pill Ring That Sold To High School Students

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17 News reported on new details of a counterfeit Xanax operation run by three brothers in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. An investigation by Holly Springs Police revealed that Atsouste, Etse, and Atsou Dossou were “major suppliers” of Xanax pills to the local high school. Previous PSM coverage of this case can be read here.

Newly released search warrants named two additional individuals who have been indicted for their roles in the scheme and additional properties used by the group. Dagmawe Wolde stands accused of running the day-to-day pill pressing operation, and Kevin Alfaro is believed to have conspired to make and sell the fake pills.

While the luxury apartments of the Dossou brothers were all previously known to have been used by the drug ring, the search warrants showed other locations used by the drug ring. These included shipping thousands of pills from Wolde’s house in Holly Springs and a box truck that was used as a clandestine lab and parked at a storage facility in Garner. When police searched the truck, they found pill presses and 20 counterfeit Xanax pills inside. Police even searched the house of Atsou Dossou Sr., the triplets’ father.

All five men were arrested on May 31, 2018. Atsouste Dossou, Etse Dossou, Atsou Dossou, Jr., and Kevin Alfaro all are accused of making and selling counterfeit Xanax laced with fentanyl. Wolde was charged with simple possession of a schedule IV drug.