North Carolina Man Who Imported Counterfeit Xanax from Canada Sentenced to 2 Extra Days in Prison in Sled Border-Crossing Case

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The News and Record has reported about a North Carolina resident, Yazid Al Fayyad Finn, who was arrested in 2018 for his part in a plot to steal a 200 pound shipment of counterfeit Xanax that was being smuggled across the Quebec-Vermont border.

Finn appeared in Federal Court in Rutland for sentencing.  He was sentenced to time served, plus two additional days.

According to the News and Record nothing in Finn’s sentencing hearing was mentioned about the origin of the counterfeit Xanax or its ultimate destination in the United States.

The case started when Finn went to Vermont in 2016 hoping to steal the fake Xanax shipment coming over the border.

The Montreal Gazette reported that the man pulling the fake Xanax-laden sled into the United States pleaded guilty to a charge of possession with intent to distribute.  Cedrik Bourgault-Morin was arrested by border patrol agents in Vermont early in the morning on January 13, 2016.