Idaho Doctor Admits Putting Counterfeit Breast Implants from China in Nine Patients


Source: National Park Service

7KTVB is reporting that a medical doctor in Burley, Idaho has pleaded guilty to charges he used illegally imported breast implants from China on nine patients in his care.  Dr. Temp Ray Patterson has admitted in court that he misled his patients by telling them the breast implants were FDA-approved; when he knew for a fact they were not.

According to MagicValley, Patterson used the Chinese-made breast implants on his patients between March 2014 and April 2015.

Patterson’s plea agreement from August 8, 2019 states that, “The defendant provided breast augmentation patients with labeling for FDA-approved breast implants including brochures, handouts, pre-operative worksheets, and sample sizers. The provided labeling misled his patients into believing that they would receive FDA-approved implants, when they did not.”

In 2016 7KTVB reported that four of Patterson’s former patients filed civil suit against him, claiming the doctor knowingly used Chinese-imported breast implants and counterfeit Botox from China to treat them.  MagicValley notes that although the civil case was thrown out, three of his patients went ahead and had the fake breast implants surgically removed from their bodies.

MagicValley reports that Patterson faces a possible three years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000. His sentencing is scheduled for November 13.