This research paper (available here in pdf form), which was published in Canadian Health Policy Journal in September 2019 is an update to the 2010 paper, The Effect Of US Pharmaceutical Drug Importation On The Canadian Pharmaceutical Supply.

New pathways for U.S. importation threaten Canadian prescription drug supply.


Marv Shepherd, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, College of Pharmacy, University of Texas at Austin.


Within recent months, the U.S. has opened up the possibility for Americans to import prescription pharmaceuticals from Canada. The U.S. FDA is now accepting proposals for both personal and commercial drug importation from Canada. Importers can be individuals, wholesalers, pharmacies, and governments. This research examines the impact U.S. drug importation will have on the Canadian prescription drug supply. It updates the author's previous 2018 and 2010 studies on the same topic.

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