LA City Attorney Mike Feurer Warns Consumers about Coronavirus Fraud

On March 13th, LA City Attorney Mike Feurer and District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced a joint Coronavirus Task Force, and warned Los Angeles residents about cases of fraud involving COVID-19 treatments, vaccines, and tests.

 According to the LA City Attorney’s Office, they have taken action to remove Internet ads that made false claims about COVID-19 prevention and treatment. The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission have already issued a warning that there are currently no vaccines or drugs approved to treat COVID-19.

 The Los Angeles Times reports that Feurer’s office is investigating two Los Angeles companies, SafeBabyHealthyChild, which was promoting vitamin C as a COVID-19 treatment, and ModernBeyond, which offered face masks for sale.

 “We’re fighting to protect an anxious and uncertain public from price-gouging, online scams and misinformation,” said Feuer. “My Office is investigating traditional stores and online retailers, uncovering unsubstantiated advertising claims about alleged coronavirus prevention, treatment, and cures, and investigating safety products—such as protective masks—that may not perform as advertised, as well as products being sold at astronomical prices. And we’re taking action. If you’re a victim, please contact our Office.”