January 24, 2022: 85,000+ bottles of fake HIV medicines

jumbled box of bottles of medicine

First among the more that two dozen stories in this week’s round up: Gilead Sciences is suing a a network of unauthorized drug suppliers and distributors for selling over 85,000 bottles of counterfeit HIV medicines sold as legitimate Biktarvy and Descovy to U.S. pharmacies.


Details of counterfeit HIV criminal ring go public

A new story in the Wall Street Journal revealed details about the mysterious criminal counterfeiting ring that has been selling fake versions of HIV medications Biktarvy, Symtuza, and Descovy to licensed pharmacies. Read to learn some key things about the crime.


Counterfeit HIV Drug Alert: Gilead Warns of Fake Versions of Biktarvy and Descovy Sold to U.S. Pharmacies

Gilead has alerted potentially impacted pharmacies to investigate the potential for counterfeit or tampered Gilead medication sold by distributors not authorized by Gilead that may be within their recent supply and to remain vigilant to the potential for this to occur in the future. The authenticity and safety of Gilead-branded medicines can only be secure when obtained directly through Gilead’s authorized distributors.