ADAP Advocacy PSA Combat Counterfeit Drugs: The Ad Run Parts 1 and 2

Recently we've been alarmed by the size and scope of counterfeit HIV medicine found in the US drug supply.

All this inspired Brandon Mascata of ADAP Advocacy Association (aaa+) to team up with us to produce an educational advertisement with Brandagement to educate those living with HIV and their loved ones about these HIV counterfeits and what they can do to protect themselves. We began an ad-run on Twitter starting at the beginning of April.

Our ad campaign needed to reach the online community of those living with HIV, their friends, and loved ones.  Our ad targets were people over 18 living in the United States. We used various HIV Health and LGBTQ Health accounts as look-alike references for ad placement on Twitter, as well as search terms for the various medications, HIV health topics, and LGBTQ advocacy.  Additionally, we targeted Twitter users who were talking about popular LGBTQ-positive television shows, such as Queer Eye, and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The aaa+ campaign performed better than any previous ad run we have done on Twitter.  Going back to last year, one of our highest-performing video ads could not compare to the overall viewership with the AAA+ campaign.

What really stands out about the aaa+ campaign is the relatively high finish rate for the video, and the almost 300 link clicks which directed viewers to our page devoted for counterfeit HIV drug crime.  There was more than triple the number of engagements as compared to a similar ad run from last year.

This is simply part one of a two-part effort by PSM and aaa+ to get the word out about these counterfeit HIV medications in circulation.  We’ll be starting a new ad run in May, and it will be interesting to see how the second run of ads perform.  Every person we reach with these ads is someone that may then be able to protect themselves from counterfeit HIV treatments.

Part two of our ad campaign for aaa+ is finished, and although the second ad run had a slightly lower viewership rate, the ads still performed very well. The total ad budget for part two of the aaa+ campaign was again $2,000.

Of particular interest is that more than 2,800 people watched the entire video. That's 2,800+ people who are now aware and educated about the real danger of counterfeit HIV medications in the United States.