Web Company Accused of Registering Illegal Online Pharmacy Domain Names

A company that has registered 8 percent of the world’s website domain names has been accused of registering about one-third of all the world’s illegal online pharmacies’ websites.

Critics are calling on Demand Media to end its registration of illegal online pharmacies, as well as saying it should stop some of its other controversial activities, according to IDG News.

Demand Media is probably best known for running low-cost websites like eHow.com and Cracked.com. In addition, it sells web hosting services like eNom.com.

It is alleged that the media company, which is currently preparing to go public, has registered a significant amount of domain names that have been used by illegal online pharmacies.

According to the news source that amount is one-third of all of these illicit operations.

“That can’t be a statistical error,” a recently released report by HostExploit, a volunteer bad-ware tracking group, said. “When you say, ’35 percent of all the illicit pharma in the world is registered through Demand Media and eNom,’ that’s a problem.”

According to the World Health Organization, more than 50 percent of the medication sold by online pharmacies that hide their physical address have been found to be counterfeit drugs.