Partnership for Safe Medicines Statement on 60 Minutes Segment

Partnership for Safe Medicines Board of Directors’ member Thomas Kubic, President and CEO, Pharmaceutical Security Institute, today issued the following statement regarding last night’s 60 Minutes segment on counterfeit drug sellers.

“The global epidemic of fake medicines is a serious public health threat, and consumers’ lack of awareness of it only adds to the danger. Segments like the 60 Minutes piece are an important and welcome tool to help raise the issue among American consumers.

“We are fortunate in the United States to have one of the safest drug supplies in the world, but we are by no means immune from the dangers. Rogue online pharmacies, fake drug salesman like the one profiled on 60 Minutes, and other nefarious actors are all realities in the American marketplace. Unfortunately, there have been cases of counterfeit drugs making it all the way to a legitimate pharmacy and sold to an unsuspecting patient.

“Efforts to curb this epidemic have been ongoing for years, and over the past year we’ve seen an increased focus on counterfeit medicines among U.S. regulators, lawmakers, law enforcement and the medical industry. PSM applauds all of this, yet firmly believes that a sustained and coordinated global effort is required.

“The global nature of our economy and commerce means that we cannot rely on domestic policies to fix an international issue. We continue to work with stakeholders around the world to identify ways to curb counterfeit medicines and educate consumers, while continuing to urge policymakers here at home to do the same.”

By Tom Kubic