Florida Clandestine Beauty Treatments Result in Manslaughter Charges

Venezuelan man posed as a doctor at a Florida esthetician clinic, and injected victim with non-FDA approved substance, which triggered her death. The case is similar to the rash of cases that have recently been uncovered in Texas.

Jose Robusto, a Venezuelan sought in the aesthetic treatment death of 28 year old Suyima Torres, has been arrested in Miami, according to a report in the Miami Herald. According to the Herald, Robusto offered his cosmetic treatments at Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics in West Miami-Dade. The Miami Herald notes that “Police believe Robusto introduced himself as a ‘Venezuelan doctor’ and with a plastic syringe injected an oily yellow substance into the woman’s buttocks.”

Torres received 2 treatments from Robusto to enhance her buttocks. It was the second treatment that resulted in a fatal lung embolism, the Miami Herald reported at the time of Torres’ death.

NBC News recently presented an episode of American Greed concerning deadly beauty treatments entitled “Vanity and Greed: Deadly Beauty”. In the episode they cover a counterfeit Botox case in Florida that led to several hospitalizations.

This latest report from Florida comes as a beauty health emergency is in full swing in South Texas. Murder charges have been filed in one clandestine beauty treatment case, and four different estheticians have been prosecuted for treating customers with counterfeit beauty injections.

By S. Imber