St. Louis Doctor Gets Probation for Treating Patients with Drugs Bought from Fake Online Pharmacy

Dr. Mimlitz specialized in treating men who complained of a lack of energy. His treatments were actually unapproved drugs from South Korea purchased from Mexico via Internet sources.

A Saint Louis medical doctor, Dr. Michael Mimlitz, has pleaded guilty to charges of introducing misbranded drugs into Interstate commerce, according to his waiver of indictment. According to the Felony Information sheet filed against him, Dr. Mimlitz supplied patients in the Saint Louis area with non-FDA approved HGH purchased from an online distributor located in Mexico. The Felony Information sheet on Dr. Mimlitz noted that “the HGH that defendant distributed had different labeling (e.g; dosage and use instructions in Spanish not English), different drug trade names (e.g. ‘Yelit’ instead of the FDA-approved drug Serostim®), and different drug formats from the FDA-approved versions of HGH (e.g. glass ampules instead of vials or single use syringes). The HGH also came from drug manufacturers (e.g. Dong-A Pharmaceutical) that had not registered as drug establishments with FDA. As such, the HGH was misbranded.”

According to the Saint Louis Dispatch, Mimlitz was sentenced to 2 years probation, and required to pay $89,500 in fines and forfeitures. In a prepared statement the Saint Louis Dispatch shared, Catherine A. Hermsen, Special Agent in Charge of the Kansas City office of the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations said. Doctors hold a special level of trust for U.S. consumers; when they violate that trust and provide illegal drugs to their patients, they put their patients at risk. “Our office will continue to pursue and bring to justice doctors who are involved in the distribution of illegal drugs.”
By S. Imber