Georgia Bureau of Investigation Identifies Counterfeit Pain Pills Made With Fentanyl

Image of counterfeit Percocet courtesy of Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Georgia authorities have discovered counterfeit pain pills made with fentanyl analogues for a second time this summer.  On August 22, the Warner Robins Police Department issued a public alert after at least 7 overdoses in the Houston County area in the previous 48 hours. The counterfeit pills that appeared to be Percocet were “the cause of several overdoses that have left patients on ventilators.”

On August 25 the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) confirmed that the fake pills collected from Houston and Bibb Counties contained cyclopropyl fentanyl, the same fentanyl analogue that was identified by GBI during the June 2017 counterfeit Percocet incident in Georgia. GBI notes that, “It is unknown how the human body will react to this drug since it is not intended for human or veterinary use.”

According to WMAZ, the fake Percocet pills have caused eight overdoses. GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles told WMAZ, “We really just appreciate getting the word out, and this really just underscores the dangers of counterfeit drugs."