Ohio Man Charged After Police Turn Up Industrial Pill Press And 11 Lbs Of Fentanyl In His Home

Source: Columbus, OH Police’s Twitter Account

WCHM-TV Columbus reported on the indictment of an Ohio man, Alexander Francis Henize, who police discovered had a massive quantity of fentanyl after they were called to a home in December 2017 for a domestic violence incident. When police searched the home, they discovered 600 grams of fentanyl, 3,000 grams of butyryl fentanyl, 10 grams of heroin, an industrial pill press, and more than $20,000 in cash.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said in a press release that Henize was indicted on a total of 16 counts that included an offense from September 2017 when Henize was found in possession of counterfeit oxycodone pills that contained butyryl fentanyl and $8,000. O’Brien stated: “Police believe the fentanyl was sent from China in the mail. We will continue to aggressively prosecute these traffickers so they can no longer sell these extremely dangerous drugs in Franklin County.

ABC 6 reported in December at the time that the domestic violence incident started after Henize’s girlfriend rejected his proposal for marriage on Christmas Eve. He then would not let her or their daughter leave the home. The girlfriend managed to let her family know that she was being held captive and they, in turn, called the police. Police arrested Henize once they were able to get him to leave the home and his girlfriend gave them permission to search the property. In court, assistant Franklin County prosecutor Dan Staley said, “He admitted he was cutting up the fentanyl after receiving it. He was very careful in the way that he did it because the family wouldn’t be there. He admitted to cleaning up the kitchen with bleach, the same kitchen the two-year-old has access to.”