New PSM ads highlight concerns of FDA Commissioner Gottlieb about the dangers of Florida’s importation legislation

Tallahassee, FL (April 18, 2019) – Today the Partnership for Safe Medicines released new ads to run in several parts of Florida that highlight the dangers of Florida attempting to import medicine from Canada. Five different commissioners of the US Food and Drug Administration, appointed by both Republicans and Democrats, have stated that such proposals are dangerous to patients, will expose them to counterfeits, and are unlikely to reduce the price of medicine.

In this TV ad PSM highlights the danger of attempting to import medicine from Canada, given the history of counterfeits from purported Canadian vendors.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is the fifth FDA commissioner to come out against importation. Four previous FDA commissioners publicly opposed importation in a letter in 2017. To see more experts who have publicly opposed importation proposals like in Florida, visit our website at

The ad is running in 15 and 30 second formats in several media markets around Florida. One pair of examples is included below.