Fake Oxycodone Made with Fentanyl Found in San Joaquin County, California

Counterfeit oxycodone tablet containing fentanyl. Source: DEA

On July 3, 2019,CBS Sacramento ran a brief story about the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department’s unsettling discovery of counterfeit Oxycodone pills that were actually made with fentanyl.

 According to the Manteca/Ripon Bulletin, the pills “appear to be pharmaceutical narcotics, but actually contain fentanyl.” According to the San Joaquin County Sheriffs, the pills have been in circulation  for several weeks, and have contributed to a rise in overdose deaths in the county.

 San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson Andrea Lopez warned, “The bottom line is to only use medication that is prescribed for you. Taking a prescription that is not prescribed for you is not only illegal, but can be deadly.”