Prime Minister Trudeau Promises to Protect the Canadian Drug Supply In The Face Of The U.S. Drug Importation Statement

Source: CPAC TV

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was interviewed today in Iqaluit, and according to CBC Canada, he reassured Canadians that Health Canada is already safeguarding the Canadian prescription drug supply regardless of international pressure.

CPAC TV shared his entire statement on Twitter this morning: “Health Canada has always, as a matter of course, insured that regardless of external or international pressures, there is a steady and solid supply of medications that Canadians need, for Canadians. We recognize the new situation brought on by American announcements, and Health Canada will continue to insure that our priority is always insuring that Canadians have access to the medication they need at affordable prices. That is what we will continue to do.”

CBC noted that Canadian officials confirmed Wednesday that Canada was not consulted on the specifics of the Trump administration’s drug importation plan ahead of time.