Resources for organizers on the HHS Canadian drug importation comment period

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How to file your own comments

Organizations that want to file their own comments like PSM don't need to write a long submission, but it is important that the organization go on record to express their concerns. Here's a simple template you can use to construct your letter.

Comment on HHS draft regulation: Importation of Prescription Drugs

Docket ID: FDA-2019-N-5711


The <insert your organization here> are writing today to express our concern about the proposed regulation to import medicine from Canada. It appears unlikely to result in a significant savings for the American consumer and brings some significant patient safety dangers as well.

<Here you want to talk about the safety concerns you have. You will find lots of ideas on our Policy page, in this webinar, and in our written comments or 1 page issue summary.>

We respectfully request that you withdraw this proposed regulation.


<your name and organizational title>

Once you've written your comments, you can submit them online at

Example calls-to-action to put in your email newsletter

“Concerned that we’re wasting time implementing Canadian drug importation when we should be regulating PBMs? Comment before March 2nd, 2020 on the federal drug importation rule and tell them to do something real about the problem. Submit a short comment at ”

"The Federal government is taking comments right now on the flawed Canadian drug importation proposal. It's time they heard that this won't work, and heard more about what will work. Comments can be submitted before March 2nd at: "