Florida Couple Prosecuted for Selling Fake Botox Wholesale


2019 Infosheet for incidents of counterfeit drugs in Florida

NBC Miami reports that a married couple, Jorge Nogueira and Jessyka Molina have been charged with selling bulk counterfeit Botox and other cosmetic pharmaceuticals via their website business Therapmedic. According to NBC Miami, the investigation of Nogueria and Molina was initiated by the Food and Drug administration in March 2018. 

Nogueria and Molina are alleged to have been selling counterfeit Botox and other prescription beauty treatments to undercover officers in bulk. The pair were arrested on October 15, according to NBC Miami. 

Nogueria and Molina’s case is not the only instance of counterfeit Botox sales in Florida.  In January 2018, Diane D’Anca was arrested in Bradenton for offering counterfeit Botox injections in her home, and for posing as a medical professional. On November 1st of 2019, the Bradenton Herald reports that D’Anca accepted a plea agreement on the charges, admitting that she administered cosmetic injectables without a license. She has been sentenced to two years of house arrest. 

In Coral Gable, Florida an ophthalmologist is currently being investigated for importing Chinese-made Botox and using it on her patients.  Dr. Francesann Ford has yet to be charged, but according to a September report in the Washington Post, Dr. Ford promoted her low-cost, Chinese-made Botox via the e-commerce site, Groupon.

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